18th April 2021 Update - Electroniks-India® offers 1 YEAR (6 months for android boxes) exclusive in-India warranty which covers all the manufacturing defects so that you can concentrate on things which matter to you.

How our warranty is different from the warranty provided by sellers on other marketplaces?

  1. Huge Shipment Fee - An imported good with manufacturer warranty is useless for an end consumer considering that the manufacturers are outside India and thousands are wasted on shipments while availing the warranty. We provide you a solution where your point of contact for any manufacturing defect would be us and you don't need to incur any additional expenses on availing the warranty.
  2. Listing Hijacking - When you see a listing on any other portal, you will find that multiple sellers are selling that product. It is easy for anybody selling on a marketplace to hijack a genuine listing and list their sub-standard fake products under that listing. So, customers need to be extra cautious to buy the products from trusted sellers only.
  3. After Sales Service and Warranty - Sellers attached to different marketplaces, most likely, don't have any identity of their own. Marketplaces are acting only as a place to buy and sell, so they are helpful only until the product is in return or replacement period.