About us

Our Story

Founded by an IIM Grad in 2018, Electroniks-India® and Electroniks-Europe® provide top quality branded products at cheapest prices.

All our products are 100% original and authentic , shipped directly from the warehouses to our customer's doorstop. We are committed to provide high quality goods and top class customer service

We believe in providing not only goods at the best prices but every brand we sell is carefully selected to ensure we offer you the best bang for your buck!

Our supply chain sources products directly from manufacturers, eliminating any middle man; allowing us to offer products at ultra-low prices

We work closely with 50+ Chinese brands to offer 1000+ high quality trusted products

Payment Security

We work with the payment gateways trusted by companies such as Airtel, Hotstar and Pizzahut so that your checkout is safe and secure

High Quality Brands

The products are sourced from a network of 50+ trusted suppliers to ensure that only best quality products are offered to our customers

180 days unconditional warranty

Exclusively offered by us, this provides instant access to our professional support for all your queries and product issues