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Here we explain why the products on Electroniks-India are cheaper than the same products on amazon

Hi, I have seen that you are selling 'xyz' product on your website but the price of the same on amazon is more than the price at which you are selling. Is it authentic?

Yes! All products we sell are authentic and sourced directly from the manufacturer or their authorized distributors. They are perfectly sealed products carefully packed by us to ensure safe delivery.

The question why customers think that the item must be expensive to be original may be one ( or a combination) of the following -

  1. There is a limited information about the product SO the price is the only way to differentiate
  2. It takes more resources to make quality product. If the product is of higher quality then the price must be higher. BUT the reverse is NOT true
  3. Using past experiences to predict future. Past purchases made by paying very high price leading to a belief that if the price paid is higher than the product must be good. This is a result of exorbitant fees charged by online shopping portals. Yes! Sellers on any portal pay HUGE fees.

 Now, let us explain with an example -

Suppose you want to buy mi box s and you searched it. If you happen to go to amazon you would find something like this - (as on 18th August 2019)

 Why our products are cheaper than our products on amazon

The price of the product is Rs. 6490 but is that the actual amount the seller gets? Let's see. As we also sell on amazon, we have access to this fee structure - 

Why our products are cheaper than our products on amazon

 Out of 6490, the seller only gets 5960. Rest is a fee for selling on amazon. You can find the fee structure here (the fees excludes GST which they charge extra on the selling fees) -

Now what for the difference between 5960 and the price we ask for?

We ask for around 5-10% less than the price after fees on our own website because we think that the same is the fair price anyone should pay. As amazon charges around 20-30% on an average of the sales price, the sellers also bump up their prices because there is a trust factor associated with amazon for which customers are paying a huge price.