CCA C10 Earbuds Review

CCA C10 Earbuds Review

The CCA-C10 comes with a dynamic HiFi Configuration, high-frequency sound, and low distortion. The professional acoustic tuning, flexible music interpretation of these earphones come with a 180 days guarantee.

          CCA C10 4ba+1dd Hybrid in Ear Earphone HiFi Dj Monito:  Electronics    


CCA C10 4ba+1dd Hybrid in Ear Earphone HiFi Dj Monito:  Electronics

The CCA-C10 comes with a clear acrylic body. The CCA logo is printed on a faceplate made of zinc alloy. There is a moderate flex in the driver while inserting the earphones. The cable is copper and aluminum braided and gives a sturdy feel. This braided cable also happens to be tangle resistant. The build quality is reliable, and this sets them apart from the other earphones in this budget. The detachable cable comes with two-pin connectors. So it means you save money from buying new earphones if the cable ditches you in the future.

The earphones have a 3.5mm gold plated audio jack and two 0.75mm gold plated connector pins. These pins have a lifespan of 12 times longer than your regular cables. 

The wire cable provides quality sound signal transmission. It is also an anti-pull, anti-corrosion, and anti-bending cable.


China CCA C10 in-Ear Headphone - China Earphone and Headphone price

CCA-C10 comes in three colors: Cyan, Purple, and Black. The users get to choose between a with or without mic variant.

CCA C10 Hybrid In-Ear Earphones Online - Headphone Zone


The ergonomic design and lightweight give the user a comfortable wearing experience. The insertion depth is good, and the ear tips cause no problem. So CCA-C10 is suitable to use at the gym or while traveling, or even for your regular usage.


CCA C10 4ba+1dd Hybrid in Ear Earphone HiFi Dj Monito:  Electronics

CCA-C10 has four custom-tuned armature drivers to provide users with a thrilling frequency sound, while the magnetic drivers make the low frequency sounds as deep as possible. The dynamic magnets increase the sound frequency by more than 30%. The balanced armature drivers give a realistic vocal experience range.

  1.  Mids and Vocals: The transitions are clear and convincing with realistic imaging. The CCA-C10 derives negligible benefits from amplification as it does not hiss. The mid-range is a bit recessed; this causes the male voice to sound warm, and the female voices bright.
  2.  Bass: The CCA-C10 has a mild tuning, extended middle-bass, and a forceful sub-base. The overall base response is quick. It is an energetic sounding earphone with intense bass.
  3. Treble: The treble ranges from crisp to smooth and preserves an impressive amount of clarity. It is not air but vivid and enjoyable.
  4. Sound distinction: The distinction between instruments is above par, so is the soundstage. The statement holds at any volume and sounds.
  5.  Isolation: There are no venting holes in the earphone’s design, and the sound leakage is minimal.

The soundstage happens to be flat but relatively wide and complete. The coherence is not remarkable but works well with instruments. Overall, the sound detail is good as per the budget range.


The sleek and sturdy look gives them somewhat of professional aesthetics.


 CCA-C10 has a passive noise cancellation for an immersive auditory experience. The cancellation gets enhanced with the supple silicone earbuds that come with these sturdy earphones.

CCA C10 4BA+1DD Hybrid In Ear Earphone HIFI DJ Monito Running Sports  Earphone 5 Drive Unit Headset Detachable Detach 2PIN Cable|Phone Earphones  & Headphones| - AliExpress

The cable seems to be mediocre, but the CCA-C10 brings killer earphones at a reasonable price. They have excellent build quality, perfect sound signature and present themselves as the ideal budget hybrid earphones.

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