KZ ZS10 Pro - HiFi Earbuds Review

KZ ZS10 Pro - HiFi Earbuds Review

KZ ZS10 Pro is a hybrid earphone with balanced armatures and a dynamic driver. These in-ear budget earphones offer intensive sounding that beats even many high-priced earphones. KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul 4BA+1DD 5 Driver in-Ear HiFi Metal  Earphones with Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2 Pin Detachable Cable (Without  Mic, Black): Electronics

It is a part of the KZ IEM series. The other KZ IEM earphones as AT, BA, BT, ED, ES, HD, and many others, are also worth consideration. But for us, KZ ZS10 Pro remains at the top because of its powerful features.

The KZ ZS10 Pro is an upgrade over the KZ ZS10. The user will notice significant changes both on the outside as well as inside. The only similarity is a small size, lightweight, and comfort—even the audio quality has worked upon.


KZ ZS10 Pro Ring Iron Earphone 10 Unit Moving Iron Metal Earphone WITHOUT  LINE CONTROL - G2A.COM

The earphones come with three spare earbuds, a detachable cable, and an instruction manual. The KZ ZS10 Pro cable is quite likable because of its design and quality. It’s a stiff wire with an IEM pin at the end. It resists tangling to a great extent and is quite comfortable to deal with though we are expecting that the cable quality would get better in the upcoming KZ series.

The detachable cable is braided and bronze-colored. The black rubber 3.5mm jack remains the same as all other KZ earphones. It is not something fancy, but it seems to be reasonably premium. The 0.75mm IEM pin is gold-plated. The two detachable pins make it easy to upgrade your earphones from wired to wireless. The slot protector design ensures the longevity of the pins and protects them.

The black earbuds are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Also, there is no foam tip included in these earphones. They are comfortable and provide optimum isolation.


KZ ZS10 PRO 4BA+1DD KZ Hybrid Earphone headset HIFI Earbuds In Ear Monitor  Headphones Earbuds for KZ AS10 ZS10 ZSN PRO - Electroniks-India®

The KZ ZS10 Pro has an appealing built. The mirror-finish and the steel faceplate are reminiscent. The body consists of a colored, semi-transparent material that shows the inside wires and drivers. The finishing is superb, and the built is a stand-out at this price range. Using them for long durations will give you just good quality audio and no fatigue.


KZ ZS10 Pro Blue Noise Cancelling Earphones Metal Headset

The earphones come in four variants –blue, purple, black, glare blue, and glare gold. All these come with and without a mic.


KZ ZSN PRO 1BA+1DD Hybrid In Ear Earphone HIFI DJ Monito Running Sport —  KEEPHIFI

KZ ZS10 Pro has two drivers for mid-range frequencies, while there is a Tesla double magnetic driver for low frequencies. There are independent high-frequency units and a robust output sound quality. One of the high-frequency drivers is present at the tip, that is, near the eardrums.

  • Bass: You will love it! The sound is deep, controlled, and remains clear—no bleeding in the midranges and ample depth with IEM.
  • Midrange: The midranges are easy going. They have good coherence that provides a soothing sound to both male and female vocals. The sound details turn out to better than expected, which is what most users aren’t getting tired of praising. The credit for all this applause goes to the balanced armatures.
  • Treble: The perfect treble makes the sound warm and eliminates any harshness on higher tones. The deep lows make it a user favorite at this price range. The drivers are smaller than the standard ones, but they don’t compromise with the treble or the speed. But you will have to sacrifice the bass for this.
  • Soundstage: The soundstage is large and has decent depth. It improves the sound immersion, especially with the instruments.
  • Imaging: This aspect will surprise you when you would accurately distinguish between instruments and other sounds. Perfect imaging like KZ ZS10 Pro is something that even many expensive earphones fail to achieve.

With KZ ZS10 Pro, you can expect an incredible music experience with every genre. The voices sound original, and the overall impact is excellent. They are ideal for your casual music or while you are commuting. You can easily pick up calls with them, and negligible sound leakage makes them perfect to use at the workplace as well.

To conclude, KZ ZS10 Pro has a smooth sound signature. It is arguably the best earphones by KZ up till now. They are lightweight yet robust, worth each ounce of money you pay. If you are an audiophile, you must give it a try!!


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