Motospeed K87S Review -- Mechanical TKL Keyboard

Motospeed K87S NKRO Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlight – EZstShop

The Motospeed K87S is a compact keyboard with an ergonomic design and humanized keys. The keyboard gets its name from the 87 white keys it has. It is a TKL (Ten Key Less) Keyboard, which implies everything a full keyboard has besides the numbers.

The keyboard can be connected to your devices by a 180 cm USB cable. The Bluetooth option is missing, and you will have to do with a plastic-coated wire here. A micro-USB would have been appreciable, but this is the best in the budget that the Motospeed K87S comes in.

The keyboard comes with five different game modes, which can further be customized as per your fancy. Now all the users understand the basic fact that a typing keyboard dramatically differs from a gaming one. But if you are looking for a keyboard that will fulfill both the purposes and get easily covered in your budget, then Motospeed K87S is the answer.


Motospeed K87S NKRO Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlight – EZstShop

The keyboard has a fantastic built quality and is sturdy. This white keyboard comes with a transparent base material. The keyboard has three major parts:

  1. Mounting plate: It is made of 2mm thick anodized aluminum. It adds to the weight of the keyboard and prevents any flex. RGB LED lights surround it to give an enhanced appearance.
  2. Circuit board:  Everything has been soldered on to the board.
  3. ABS case: This holds everything on your keyboard collectively.

The bottom surface of the keyboard has two height adjusting stands and two rubber pads. The rubber pads maintain the keyboard grip, and if required, you can also remove them. The metal base plate has a champagne hue for elegance.

The cable of Motospeed K87S is non-braided and non-detachable. The non-braided look doesn't bother us much, but we would have loved it as a wireless keyboard.


The keycaps lack a firm texture, but these ABS keycaps are much better than those provided by many gaming keyboards. The FN row sits at the top of the number row, without leaving any spacing. This factor adds to the compact size of the keyboard.

If you are looking for a keyboard without a number pad, this is an excellent option. There are great chances that you will never move on from this keyboard in this case.


The switches are durable and have been tested to provide over 50 million keystrokes.

The switches are Outemu, though the manufacturer doesn't get an exact name. The best thing is that they are consistent. You will not find one switch softer or more resistant than the other one. Motospeed K87S switches are available in two variants:

  • Blue switch: It is suitable for both typing and gamingIt provides decent, audible, tactile feedback. The switches are clicky, so the writers and typists will love them.
  • Red switch: This is the most suitable switch for gaming. It has a soft and smooth actuation.

Any of these switches is not scratchy, and you will find this fact fascinating. They are not as smooth as Gateron's, but they can be termed decent. They pass all the tests for registering keystrokes. With the Motospeed K875, we can infer that the Outemu switches are anything but sour! They are crisp and feather-light.


Motospeed k87s 87keys blue switch rgb backlight mechanical gaming wired  keyboard Sale -

Motospeed K87S has full key lighting as well as edge lighting. The lighting is bright and intense but not irritating. It doesn't get diffused evenly because of the transparent surface. There are 9 RGB lighting effects, but some of them have been claimed to be a little flickery. The keyboard comes with a default lighting setting of rainbow colors. The keyboard indeed has a favorite effect for all the RGB lovers.

Jutek Motospeed K87S NKRO Mechanical Keyboard with RGB:  Electronics

Here you get the option to turn off the color strip too wholly. All color changes can be made using the FN key. MOTOSPEED K87S Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Wired USB  Customized LED RGB Backlit with 87 Keys: Computers & Accessories

Motospeed always comes up with decent keyboards, but their lighting Motospeed K87S is the right keyboard for the given budget. If you are not someone who changes their keycaps, then this keyboard is undoubtedly made for you.

Motospeed K87s

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