Gaming Stick Guide


There are 2 ways to launch the gaming environment using the gaming stick (Windows 11 Pro), both methods focus on launching the gaming stick via bios -

Method 1

  1. Select Start > Settings > System > Recovery
  2. Next to Advanced StartUp, select Reset Now. Then click OK
  3. After the pc restarts, choose Use a Device
  4. Select UEFI: USB, Partition 1

Method 2

  1. Start the pc and keep tapping the del key
  2. On the BIOS screen, navigate to Save & Exit and select UEFI: USB, Partition 1 and hit enter


Now there are 2 ways to navigate the games when you boot into the gaming stick

Case 1 - You have wired/adapter based remote control

You can directly start using the remote control

Case 2 - You have bluetooth remote control

Press spacebar on keyboard to open the settings on the main screen --> settings -> controller settings -> bluetooth to pair the controller


Supports all popular emulators - PS3/PS2/PSP/PSX/SNES/GBA/NES/SNES/Nintendo and many more.

Please note that the performance of the games depends upon the speed of the cpu you are using the gaming stick on.

Full list of emulator support -

3do Eduke32 Msx2+ Socrates
3ds Electron Msxturbor Solarus
Abuse Fbneo Mugen Sonicretro
Adam Fds N64 Steam
Advision Flash N64dd Sufami
Amiga500 Flatpak Naomi Superbros
Amiga1200 Fm7 Naomi2 Supergrafx
Amigacd32 Fmtowns Nds Supervision
Amigacdtv Fpinball Neogeo Supracan
Amstradcpc Fury Neogeocd Thomson
Apfm1000 Gamate Ngp Ti99
Apple2 Gameandwatch Ngpc Tic80
Apple2gs Gamecom O2em Triforce
Arcadia Gamecube Odcommander Tutor
Archimedes Gamegear Openbor Tyrquake
Arduboy Gamepock Pc88 Uzebox
Astrocde Gb Pc98 Vc4000
Atari800 Gb2players Pcengine Vectrex
Atari2600 Gba Pcenginecd Vgmplay
Atari5200 Gbc Pcfx Videopacplus
Atari7800 Gbc2players Pdp1 Virtualboy
Atarist Gmaster Pet Vitaquake2
Atom Gp32 Pico8 Vsmile
Atomiswave Gx4000 Plugnplay Wii
Bbc Gzdoom Pokemini Wiiu
C20 Intellivision Ps2 Windows
C64 Jaguar Ps3 Wswan
C128 Laser310 Psp Wswanc
Camplynx Lcdgames Psx X1
Cannoball Lowresnx Pv1000 X68000
Cavestory Lutro Pygame Xash3d
Cdi Lynx Raze Xbox
Channelf Macintosh Samcoupe Xegs
Coco Mame Satellaview Xrick
Colecovision Mastersystem Saturn Zc210
Cplus4 Megaduck Scummvm Zx81
Crvision Model2 Scv Zxspectrum
Daphne Model3 Sdlpop Snes
Devilutionx Moonlight Sega32x Megadrive
Dos Mrboom Segacd Nes
Dreamcast Msu-md Sg1000
Easyrpg Msx1 Sgb
Ecwolf Msx2 Snes-msu1



If you count the total games for the above mentioned system, it reaches in thousands and even in lakhs. We have picked up the best games for popular emulators and put it in the gaming stick so you are ready to plug and play the best of the titles -

80+ PSX Games
35 PSP Games
A few PS2 Games
375 Arcade games (Mame-2003-plus)
50 Atari 2600 games
40 Sega Master System games
125 Sega Genesis games
275 NES games
325 SNES games
55 N64 Games
115 Gameboy games
75 Gameboy Color games
130 Gameboy Advance games
80 TurboGrafx-16 games
Bonus: 138 NEO GEO games
Over 1,700 great retro games without all the filler!


If you want to add any game, you may find the library of the games here -

You can download any game and put it into the gaming stick. To put games into the gaming stick -

  1. Press F1 on keyboard while on the gaming home screen
  2. Go to ROMS folders and put roms in appropriate folder