Simplified Unpacking Process for Product Issues

Simplified Unpacking Process for Product Issues

To address any product issues, follow these simplified steps while recording with a camera:

Overview of the Box:

  1. Place the box on a stable surface, and show it from all six sides on video.

Unpacking the Outer Box:

  1. Start recording and carefully open the outer packaging, capturing the process clearly.

  2. Check for any signs of damage or tampering during this step.

Unpacking Contents Inside:

  1. Keep recording as you open the box containing the product.

  2. Display all contents inside the box, including packing materials, documents, and accessories. Ensure labels are visible.

Checking Each Item:

  1. Gradually remove and display each item, one by one, in front of the camera.

  2. Highlight product labels or markings.

  3. If you encounter issues like receiving the wrong product, document them clearly on video.

Video Evidence Guidelines:

  1. Keep recording throughout the process, capturing all aspects.

  2. Ensure the video clearly shows any issues encountered.

  3. Avoid blocking the camera or causing disruptions.

Remember, having video evidence is crucial for resolving product issues effectively. Once done, follow ElectroniksIndia' instructions to file a claim for resolution